Immunology for Basic Physician Trainees

Draft program


This course is different to any biology course you have ever attended! Traditionally the science of the immune system is taught, and then the clinical immunology, where that science is used to understand clinical medicine.


The course this year will be different. This year, I will combine the two, and teach them together! So I teach one aspect of the science, and then I teach the clinical conditions that relate to that science. And then you will be introduced to the next concept, and it also will be closely tied to the immediate clinical implications.


For example,you learn about IgA, and IgA deficiency. I teach about IgG, and then about how IgG monoclonal antibodies are generated and used therapeutically. And about IgG deficiency (CVID). Having covered monoclonal antibodies, I can illustrate how they can be used to block Th2 cell cytokine products in the management of allergic diseases, or to block co-stimulators in cancer medicine......the science will always be tied to how it can be applied to immune diseases and their treatment.


Lecture 1: Innate Immunity and disease (75 mins)

Lecture 2: Complement, complement assays, and disease (60 mins)

Lecture 3: Immunoglobulins, antibody deficiencies, therapeutic antibodies (60 mins)

Lecture 4: B cells and B-cell deficiencies (60 mins)

Lecture 5: T cells, co-stimulation, and T-cell deficiencies (90 mins)

Lecture 6: Allergic disease and Drug allergy (60 mins)

Lecture 7: Antigen processing & presentation, HLA/MHC (45 mins)

Lecture 8: Transplantation (45 mins)

Lecture 9: Autoimmunity (30 mins)

Lecture 10: Vasculitis (45 mins)

Lecture 11: Overview of Immunobiology (45 mins)

Lecture 12: MCQs and answers (60 mins)